Lisa McMillan Massage Therapy
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Chronic pain?   Headaches?     Stressed?   Jaw pain?

Scar tissue?   Sportsperson?   Pregnant?   Injury?

Hi my name is Lisa McMillan, I run a professional massage clinic from Pt Chevalier.
I have a degree in Neuromuscular Therapy & Massage and provide individualised treatment sessions to suit your specific needs and goals - whether you need help to minimise pain, reduce stress & fatigue, recover from injury or optimise your health & wellbeing. 
I have over 10 years bodywork experience and specialise in reducing tension headaches caused by neck and shoulder pain and also jaw pain and misalignment. 
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Something to consider: 
Due to recent or past injuries, stress, a lifetime of inappropriate postural habits or repetitive activities such as sports or computer work, our body compensates by allowing certain muscles to shorten or lengthen or by recruiting secondary muscles to take over. This creates muscle imbalances affecting posture leading to excess wear & tear on joints and soft tissues (muscles, ligaments & tendons) causing chronic pain & fatigue.
What to expect:

Each session is tailor made to suit your individual requirements, whether it be relaxation or targeting a specific area. Firstly, you will be asked to complete a confidential health history profile so we can work together to identify factors that may be contributing to your pain. If necessary I may assess your posture to identify possible muscle imbalances in order to create an appropriate treatment plan. Finally, using specialised forms of massage therapy & incorporating many different techniques, I will encourage your body to rebalance itself while providing education so that you may manage your own health in order to experience long lasting, beneficial changes.

Experience the benefits of massage:

*Balance the nervous system to reduce stress  

*Relieve aching, tired or stiff muscles

*Enhance recovery after exercise or training

*Relieve tension headaches or migraines

*Increase flexibility to reduce injury & joint pain

*Support and maintain the immune system

*Promote overall health & sense of wellbeing

*Minimise your risk of many neck & back problems


Helping your body to heal itself

Lisa McMillan BHS (Mass & NMT), Dip. Th. Mass., Dip. Clin. Sports Th., Cert. Relax. Mass.

Point Chevalier  PHONE: 0274 329 107